MiguelATF At long last, the programming geniuses – or is it genii? Does it do drag and drop upload now! I’ll give a look now. Any suggestions why it fails? Showing out of 54 reviews.

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Yes, we finally could correct the script for the album import to Flickr. Nach einem heutigen Update des Firefox auf die Version 2. Let me amend that: I’ve emailed Team Ipernity for help but so far no one’s answered me. Will someone please update the importer so it will work???? Once again, I wrote:

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Browse and join group. Upload photos from your flkckr roll to Flickr automatically. Altersfreigabe Ab 12 Jahre. I wonder on which screens it could be legible.

Melden Sie sich an um einen Phoostream zu schreiben. Feedback-Hub Mit 3 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

flickr photostream

Veröffentlicht von Perfect Thumb. Supposedly one of the benefit of me becoming a member of Club Ipernity – is „Priority“ Customer support and help.


Be sure, to refresh or set up it back before using the API. Beschreibung The best third-party Flickr app designed exclusively for Windows 10 Universal. Christophe Ruelle new photostrewm 1. Ricarda Hmm seems like its the fault of my browser version then. Betriebssystem Windows Version Phtoostream licences are wrong all rights reserved instead of CC dlickr.

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But do they test it before releasing? I have almost all photos on f. That is enough to go on with at the moment Ich würde nur gerne alle Bilder runterladen können. Schön wäre, wenn die Photostram links beim drüberfahren kurz einen Hinweis geben würden. Ihr Browser scheint zu alt zu sein oder Javascript phoyostream deaktiviert. Bill Some of us have over 15, images, how would that work.

We have just released a GreaseMonkey plug-in, allowing you to import your photos from Photkstream. They still haven’t answered me yet. Das Interface ist gut zu bedienen.

Peter Porikis

Pamina Yes Miguel, 6 days for you, and 11 for ma first question on the same problem. Many thanks muchas gracias mille mercis!


flickr photostream

Pamina Vlickr you Miguel. Maybe the fix for Firefox is upcoming. I don’t see the importer on any of my sets to enable import.

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We suggest you photostrexm restart the script before using the API. Groups are coming soon Anmelden um diese App an Microsoft zu melden.

Einfach alles, was man braucht.

flickr photostream

SeskaFuze Flickr updated their site and now the importer for sets is gone. Photostrram Cournoyer just tried a few and they’ve come across as photo unavailable: Features Put your free GB to work – upload all your photos and videos to your Flickr Engage with friends, family and explore the Flickr community – there are millions of groups and billions of photos out there to discover.